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Why Patreon?

EFS is getting bigger and bigger, with EFS filmmakers creating new films constantly, and screenings and events happening all over the world. This is great! But the other side of the coin is that the costs and the workload associated with running EFS are also increasing. EFS is run on an entirely voluntary basis and the small income generated from screening fees doesn’t begin to cover the basic expenses incurred. So far, core costs have been covered almost entirely by Rashidi and other EFS filmmakers out of their own pockets, but this is becoming increasingly unfeasible as activity increases.

The crucial value behind EFS and experimental art in general is creative freedom, the willingness and ability to break boundaries formally, thematically and sensorially. It’s not news that this type of work and commercial imperatives don’t sit together easily – or at all! This is why we’re using Patreon to reach out to adventurous viewers who value such uncompromising work and might consider becoming patrons of our truly untameable art.

How will your money be spent?

We are seeking to cover the basic running costs of EFS: administration, materials, the upkeep of our websites, promotion and running of our screenings and other events. But our most pressing and urgent concern is the maintenance of our archive. To safely store and protect our legacy of some 60 feature films and 500 short films requires a constant updating of hard drives. Any support for this is hugely appreciated.

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Experimental Film Society (EFS) is an Irish company dedicated to the production and screening of experimental cinema. Please support us by donating any amount below or become a Patreon of EFS HERE

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