09 Sep 2019

Moon Tiger Movie

Moon Tiger Movie (1997-2019, 367 minutes, Maximilian Le Cain)

Moon Tiger didn’t find much to do on the moon so he descended to earth. The first thing he discovered is that he had nothing in common with earth tigers so he decided to see what people were like. But he generally spent his time watching movies and going for long solitary walks. Words could never convey his impressions of being on earth so in 1997 he began trying to make movies. Now, 22 years later, he has assembled his movie fragments on four dirty VHS tapes in order to see what he has become…

Moon Tiger Movie is the culmination of my first two decades of filmmaking. It shapes the short film work I did in this time into a four-part feature. In accruing a wealth of films, sketches and experiments over the decades, I have been gradually working towards this major project in which they reveal themselves as parts of a richer whole. What emerges is the electronic smudge of an inner life, the nocturnal residue of an existence half-dreamed. Broken and unreconciled, Moon Tiger Movie is a testament to the compelling inconclusiveness of life and the fragility of images. – Maximilian Le Cain

Moon Tiger Movie will be available for streaming on the Experimental Film Society video on demand platform. It will be unrolled throughout September 2019, with one of the four sections being released each week. As a special offer, it can be streamed free of charge for one week. After that, it can be rented for €5.