Maximilian Le Cain

Born 1978
Currently based in Cork City, Ireland

Associated projects:
Experimental Conversations
Operation Rewrite
EFS Publications
Cinema Cyanide

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Maximilian Le Cain has made more than ninety short, medium and feature length experimental films and videos over the past decade. He is affiliated with Experimental Film Society.

He is currently working in creative partnership with sound/performance artist Vicky Langan. He collaborates with artist Esperanza Collado in the multi-disciplinary art project Operation Rewrite and with composer Karen Power on the sound / film / performance project Gorging Limpet. He is a contributor to the Cinema Cyanide noise project.

For an in-depth account of his work in the context of contemporary Irish experimental film, see New Voices in Irish Experimental Cinema, an article by Donal Foreman.

He is also a film critic. He founded and edited Cork Film Centre’s online experimental film magazine Experimental Conversations. He regularly programmed experimental film for the Cork-based experimental music/film event Black Sun and has presented avant-garde film events in collaboration with, amongst others, Cork Film Centre and Cork Film Festival, involving filmmakers such as Peter Tscherkassky, Vivienne Dick, Pip Chodorov, James Fotopoulos, Abigail Child and Christoph Girardet.

As a film critic, his writings have appeared in a broad range of international film journals, including La Furia Umana and Senses of Cinema, and in several books, including The Cinema of Roman Polanski: Dark Spaces of the World (Wallflower Press, 2006).