10 May 2016

Luminous Void Exhibition Ends


Today our exhibition “Luminous Void” will end. Luminous Void was a six-week Experimental Film Society exhibition at Triskel Project Space (Triskel Arts Centre), Cork, that included an installation by Cinema Cyanide (Maximilian Le Cain, Dean Kavanagh & Myself); a series of short and feature films as well as live screening/performance programmes by EFS members: Atoosa PourHosseini, Michael Higgins, Jann Clavadetscher, Jason Marsh and Émmsen Jafari and friends: Vicky Langan, Anja Mahler, Florian Maricourt, Cillian Roche, Mick O’Shea & Paul Hegarty. Luminous Void emphasised the open, cross-disciplinary definition of ‘cinema’ that EFS explores. This exhibition made possible with the support of Cork Film Centre and it ran from April 7th – May 21st. Special thanks to all the filmmakers and artists who participated in the exhibition. Thanks to Chris Hurley of Cork Film Centre for his crucial technical support. And, of course, thanks to Triskel for offering us the space and opportunity to put on this show and for facilitating our series of events. Luminous Void was curated by Maximilian Le Cain with some assistance from myself. Most of all thanks a million to the great audience who came to the shows and events which made it all worthwhile. Watch this space for our upcoming shows! Onwards! -Rouzbeh Rashidi

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