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Autumnal Sleeps & I Wake Up Screaming

Date: Friday, December 6 2019

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Triskel Christchurch Cinema

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Autumnal Sleeps & I Wake Up Screaming

Autumnal Sleeps (Michael Higgins, 75 mins) & I Wake Up Screaming (Chris O’Neill, 12 mins)

Friday December 6th, 6.30pm, Triskel Christchurch Cinema

Both films are world premieres. Michael Higgins and Chris O’Neill will be present for a post screening Q&A.

Programme details:

Autumnal Sleeps consolidates Michael Higgins’ reputation as Experimental Film Society’s virtuoso celluloid alchemist. Photographed on expired 35mm film with a 50 year old Soviet camera, this visually dazzling phantasmagoria takes inspiration from early silent cinema. The characters and the nature of performance in it resemble those of a roadshow attraction while highlighting the illusory power of voyeurism and exhibitionism. As in an unrestored film of early cinema, the image flickers and the colours bleed creating a powerful psychedelic sensation.

Chris O’Neill continues his series of found footage inquiries into the haunting power of the cinematic image with I Wake Up Screaming. Images from a little-seen and underrated masterpiece of 1970s genre cinema are twisted and distorted into an unrecognisable new vision. This assault on the senses is heightened by an intense soundtrack from Texas-based rock ‘n’ roller Gabbie Bam Bam.

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