08 Mar 2018

EFS @ Process, Riga

Process” is an experimental film festival in the Baltics dedicated to analog cinema, celebrating the physical film medium in all its personal, adventurous and uncompromising forms. The selected films break with the conventional rules of filmmaking and aesthetic norms, using the physical film as their main medium. Taking place from 22nd to 25th of March in Riga, “Process” addresses both local and international artists and audiences.

Experimental Film Society (EFS) is a group of filmmakers dedicated to the creation of uncompromisingly personal, formally challenging filmmaking. Based in Dublin, it has succeeded in forging a new and radically alternative Irish cinema. Its defiantly independent vision, both deeply informed by film history and utterly modern, has animated over five hundred shorts and features over its eighteen-year existence. Its films adopt an exploratory approach to filmmaking and foreground mood, atmosphere, visual rhythms, and the often-startling sensory interplay of sound and image. This programme highlights the various approaches EFS filmmakers have taken to celluloid, from a straightforward appreciation of 8mm textures to their more typical strategy of engineering sophisticated marriages between film and digital technology.

EFS Short Film Programme:

La Picota (2018) by Ana González / Colombia / 3mins
Contact (2011) by Vicky Langan/ Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland / 3mins
Feed Me (2016) by Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland/ 3mins
Universal Film (2018) by Jann Clavadetscher / Ireland / 3mins
Ice (2018) by Michael Higgins / Ireland / 5mins
Homo Sapiens Project (161-170) (2013) by Rouzbeh Rashidi / Ireland / 8mins
Image Turned Down (2011-2014) by Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland-Greece / 20mins

Refining the Senses Performance – Atoosa Pour Hosseini

Refining the Senses is an uncanny sensory experience that places the viewer in a mysterious and contemplative liminal zone between different dimensions of life, death and memory that fluctuates between the personal and the general, the pictorial and the material. Combining found and original footage, she scratches, dyes and paints the film surface to highlight both the fragility and persistence of the image.

FEAR Short Film Programme curated by Rouzbeh Rashidi & Maximilian Le Cain

Cinema is fundamentally linked to the ghostly and uncanny. In summoning up insubstantial images that replay moments already passed, it can be compared to séance activity. In showing us sights and sounds of people often long gone but animated by the illusion of movement, it answers to Jean Cocteau’s description of it as ‘death at work’. Experimental film and horror cinema are therefore joined in being the two modes of cinematic practice that best explore the essence and deepest implications of what cinema is. At their most visionary, they overlap extensively. This is a view held by filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi and repeatedly explored in his atmospheric films. ‘Fear’ is a programme Rashidi has curated of experimental films that haunt the shadows between experimental film and the horror genre.

Vicky Langan DJ Set

EFS filmmaker Vicky Langan is an Irish artist whose practice operates across several often overlapping fields, chiefly performance, sound, and film. Vicky will DJ mysterious fragments and textural soundings.

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