20 Oct 2016

TRAILERS @ The Reading Room, Bangkok

TRAILERS will play @ The Reading Room Bangkok on December 10th 2016 at 7PM.

“The Reading Room is a 1,000-plus items contemporary art library and archive, containing two distinct resource sections: a contemporary Thai art archive; and art reference books from all over the world, including art history & theory books, monographs, exhibition catalogues, art magazines, and electronic resource. In complementary to archive and research, The Reading Room regularly organizes and hosts series of events, especially talks, screenings and workshops from various fields from art, literature and film to sociopolitical issues that are relevant to contemporary culture. The Reading Room is a non-profit organization operating under The Foundation for the Promotion and Preservation of Thai Art.”


From the extravagant mind of Rouzbeh Rashidi comes an underground epic of personal proportions. Imagine a dark fairytale wood. Imagine the traces of intergalactic natural catastrophes. Imagine a machine for generating sexual perversions on a cosmic scale. Imagine a spectacular attraction that brings you pictures of a far-off world. Imagine: cinema!

TRAILERS unites the most personal and experimental aspects of underground filmmaking with a scope that is as cosmically vast as a science fiction epic. Rashidi’s ongoing exploration into the nature of cinema sees a group of characters adrift in space, each locked into their own sexual rituals while a cataclysm of universal proportions unfolds. Humanity has become a mysterious burlesque show for alien eyes: the gaze of the film camera. This visionary spectacle uses multiple formats and visual textures in weaving an erotic anti-narrative suspended in its own space and time.

An Experimental Film Society production, TRAILERS was shot over one year with the support of an Arts Council of Ireland Project Award.

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