04 Oct 2022


🖊️ 8th November 2022 – 29th November 2022, Online Course


The four-week Experimental & Personal Filmmaking is an immersive online course that exposes you to alternative film and video history, artist practice, and methods. In addition, it provides you with the knowledge to begin making your own experimental media.

Through viewings, lectures, discussion, and reading, students will survey how filmmakers and artists working in film, video, and digital media have experimented with the moving image to push the boundaries of the medium and their perception of the world around them. The course will consider how essential films and filmmakers explored film and video’s material and conceptual possibilities to reshape our notion of what film can be. In addition to looking closely at the images in these works, students will also listen closely to how sound design has frequently played a role in the impact of these creations.


GENERAL GUIDELINE: This course is for artists from all disciplines, filmmakers and creative individuals, and anyone else hoping to either achieve a new understanding and practical approach or build upon existing skills in experimental cinema and artists’ moving image practices. All levels of experience are welcomed and encouraged. Sessions will not include instruction on how to operate a camera and editing skills but instead relies on the intuition of each participant and how they would employ their means of production. All students will need access to a device to shoot video, for example, a smartphone or other consumer goods. In addition, all students will require to use basic video editing software programs; for example, a smartphone editing app or such on laptops or PC would suffice. Participants who are comfortable working with more professional cameras and editing software and have access to more sophisticated pieces of equipment are also welcome to use them based on their needs.