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26 Oct 2011

Third EFS Screening

Shebeen Flick is run in association with Jameson and the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland and is a new…

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27 Sep 2011

Second EFS Screening

CINEKINOSIS present ‘Experimental Film Society – Screening’ 7.00pm – 9.30pm October 18 2011 Free Admission  Cafe Kino 108 Stokes…

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30 Jul 2011

First EFS Screening

The First EFS Screening took place at Hello Operator, Dublin. 19 short films were shown by 12 filmmakers. 4…

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24 Jun 2011

First Experimental Film Society Screening

On July 29th, Hello Operator, Dublin, will host the first Experimental Film Society screening. Founded and run by Dublin-based…

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26 Feb 2010


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01 Jan 2010


Maximilian Le Cain This list would serve me very well as a desert island horror/science fiction playlist. Yet it…

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