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24 Jun 2014

Irish Experimental Cinema In St. Petersburg, Russia

Solus Film Collective, in collaboration with Loft Project Etagi, present the second stage of the American/Russian/Irish touring program of…

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22 Jun 2014

Making Films

I have made 28 feature length films between 2000 and present (2014); twenty-six of them were made entirely with…

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19 Jun 2014

EFS Feature Films Online

Feature Films produced and directed by the members of Experimental Film Society that are available for viewing online for…

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14 Jun 2014


“Rashidi-Devereaux Cinema” was a collaborative project by filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi, and actor James Devereaux that ran between 2010 and…

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10 Jun 2014

Rattleboned Dog At Mealtime (a personal report on Gorging Limpet)

Photo by Dean Kavanagh The projector has the ability to press a bullet into some old wound and only…

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08 Jun 2014

Thesis on Remodernist Cinema / Mémoire sur le cinéma remoderniste

The thesis on remodernism and remodernist cinema “Le cinéma remoderniste: Histoire et théorie d’une esthétique contemporaine” by Florian Maricourt…

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07 Jun 2014

EFS Statement Published on HAMBRE

EFS Statement is published on HAMBRE (Forum/ Nosso novo convidado em Forum/ Nuestro nuevo invitado en Forum) More info…

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01 Jun 2014

Investigating the Murder Case of Ms. XY. Premieres at Brotfabrik, Berlin

Investigating the Murder Case of Ms. XY. is a challenging and provocative new experimental feature film. It is the…

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27 May 2014

A Double Bill of New Underground Film at the London Horse Hospital

A Double Bill of New Underground Film at the London Horse Hospital Experimental Film Society (Dublin) in association with…

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11 May 2014

“Hypothesis” Complete

Hypothesis (2014) is now complete. Featuring Jann Clavadetscher. Trailer HERE

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03 May 2014

Small Statement

I love all kinds of cinema and have been watching films all my life. If you are a filmmaker…

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28 Apr 2014

Forbidden Symmetries @ the Picture Show, New York

Forbidden Symmetries (2014) will play at the Picture Show, New York on Saturday May 10th 7:30pm, 226 Green St….

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