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03 Jan 2015

EFS @ Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (III): Le Cain Solo Screening

Tuesday 17th February 2015 | 6pm Studio 6 | Free admission, all welcome. The third of six bi-monthly Experimental…

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01 Jan 2015


“I am happy to announce that my feature film “Ten Years in the Sun” (2015) has been completed. The…

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28 Dec 2014

The Bray Head Inn

The location of “The Bray Head Inn” where EFS shot portion of two upcoming feature films: 1_Cloud Of Skin…

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26 Dec 2014

EFS In 2015

2015 is set to be a very important year for Experimental Film Society with a number of new feature…

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16 Dec 2014

Experimental Film Society in Limited Access Festival

Experimental Film Society (EFS) is an independent, not-for-profit entity specializing in avant-garde, independent and no/low budget filmmaking. It was…

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10 Dec 2014

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: A Personal Tribute to the Cinema of Walerian Borowczyk By Dean Kavanagh. Read the article…

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03 Dec 2014


The editing on “Ten Years In The Sun” by Rouzbeh Rashidi has begun. The few remaining scenes will be…

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01 Dec 2014

End of 2014 EFS Update

The past few weeks have been quite a hectic time for Experimental Film Society. We presented film programmes in…

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24 Nov 2014

Non-pacific coexistence of numbers and dates

A Performance by Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh Sunday 30th November 5PM The Guesthouse, 10 Chapel Street, Shandon , Cork IRL. Artists Bahar…

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