27 Nov 2018

LVEFF Website

Experimental Film Society (EFS) is delighted to announce the launch of the Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival website. It is now live and provides full information on all screenings and events taking place during the Festival’s upcoming first edition. Thanks to Ciarán Hickey for doing such a great job of designing it!

We at EFS are extremely excited to be presenting this brand new festival that will run November 30th December 1st at The New Theatre in DublinTemple Bar. This edition of the Festival will showcase recent work by filmmakers associated with Experimental Film Society.

The programme includes Inside (Vicky Langan/Maximilian Le Cain), Drifting Cities (Michael Higgins), Kino Hospital (Jann Clavadetscher) and Sisyphus Condition (Ieva Balode). #MaximilianLeCain will also deliver an artist’s talk. Each screening will be accompanied by a Q&A.

Experimental Film Society (EFS) is an Irish company dedicated to the production and distribution of experimental cinema that grew out of the Experimental Film Society collective. EFS is pleased to partner with The New Theatre in launching the Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival.

For full details, please visit HERE