Michael Higgins: The Slag Heap (2019)

by Michael Higgins


99 Minutes
Ireland, Greece

Cast & Crew


Director profile

Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins is a photographer, filmmaker and installation artist best known for his analogue film work. Having grown up…

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Michael Higgins: The Slag Heap (2019)

Short films made up of the remnants of found footage, performance documentation, artist residences and various other happenings.

Lacquer (2009)
A wedding video

Lodz (2010)

Tourists on the Sun (2010)

Hotel (2010)

The Poorhouse Revisited (2012)
In the time of Ireland’s Great Famine, an elderly gravedigger revisits a traumatic event through the decaying visions of his fragmented dreams.

Scene (2) (2012)
The Last of Deductive Frames

Dry Cycles (2014)

Filament (2015)

Out of Service (2015)
The birthplace of Open Night Cinema.

Junk (2017)

A live expanded cinema performance by Open Night Cinema at an ‘EFS Presents’ event at Filmbase in late 2015.

ICE (2018)
A re-imagining of the great winter of 1963

Hyland (2018)

I’m Not a Doctor (2019)
A glimpse in between two frames that ignite under the pressure of a gunpowder spark. Developed with Cork Film Centre, Ballincollig.

Olive (2019)
Developed with Medea Electronique and the residents at Koumaria Residency, Greece.

Hung Drawn and Quartered (2019)
Shot one frame at a time the project looks at the craft of filmmaking filtered through thematic lenses of ritual, desire and horror, themes often found in genre film.

Film stills: