Stone Boat Exhausted (2016)

by Michael Higgins


57 Minutes

Cast & Crew

Produced by Michael Higgins and Cillian Roche
Performed by Cillian Roche, Enda Moran, Aileen Curtin, John Linnane, Andrew Moore, Oli Ryan
Music by Oli Ryan, Paraic O'Neill, Shane Clear, Cathal O'Leary, Andrew Mooney
Projections by Michael Higgins
Cinematography by Fergal Cunningham, Alex Kantoros, Michael Higgins, Andrew Mooney

Director profile

Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins is a photographer, filmmaker and installation artist best known for his analogue film work. Having grown up…

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“Essentially, to talk about dimensions of Ireland is to talk about modes and moods of seeing. Seek for Fódhla not on horseback riding northwards, nor in a boat sailing westwards. Seek her in seeing.”
– John Moriarty

Open Night Cinema’s final project of 2015 – STONE BOAT EXHAUSTED – a feature film documenting an entirely improvised cinematic experience by members and friends of ONC.

A totemic walkabout through a single cycle of John Moriarty’s DREAMTIME, STONE BOAT EXHAUSTED is a waking nightmare spawned from the id of Dublin City’s decaying industrial zones. The textures and patterns, light and shadows and the very material of sound and image construct an experience that re-realises our cultural past, present and future in one metamorphic breath.

STONE BOAT EXHAUSTED incorporates the use of analogue film projection, live improvised soundscapes and intense vocal and physical performances. It is the result of 6 months of ongoing collaborative performances. Devised and produced by Michael Higgins and Cillian Roche in collaboration with members and friends of ONC, Guerilla Aerial and Unbend Legout with kind permission from Lilliput Press.

Film stills: