SMOLT (2013)

by Michael Higgins


65 Minutes

Cast & Crew

Featuring Adam Carolan, Ryan Ward and Naomi Morgan

Produced by Ciara Gillan
Based on a screenplay by Daniel Bevan
Directed by Michael Higgins
Additional Writing - Michael Higgins & Naomi Morgan

Camera - Luca Rocchini, Michael Higgins, Adam Carolan, Ryan Ward & Naomi Morgan
Production Design - Padraig O'Neill
Sound - Karl Doyle
Music - Brian Conniffe

Further information

Ireland, 2013, BW & Colour, 65mins

Director profile

Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins is a photographer, filmmaker and installation artist best known for his analogue film work. Having grown up…

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smolt n. Young salmon migrating to sea for first time.

In the style of a bootleg VHS, SMOLT is a unique portrayal of an eventful few days in the lives of Darren and Leon: two Irish kids who generally have to fend for themselves. While killing time selling second-hand cigarettes, the boys run into some trouble with a girl, a gun, and a shipment of counterfeit football jerseys.

Twisting from cinema vérité to improvisation to pre-scripted lines SMOLT offers an intimate visceral slice-of-life of two kids in their concrete playground that is Dublin City.


Film stills: