Poetics (2014)

by Rouzbeh Rashidi



Cast & Crew

Idea & Director: Rouzbeh Rashidi

DoP: Rouzbeh Rashidi

Sound & Edit: Rouzbeh Rashidi

Featuring: Maximilian Le Cain, Esperanza Collado, Alicja Ayres, Norette Leahy, Kasia Lech, Eva Docolomanska, Cillian Roche, George Hanover, John McCarthy, Anna Wolf & Polish Theatre Ireland.

Further information

62 Min DSLR Stereo Colour Ireland 2014

Director profile

Rouzbeh Rashidi

Rouzbeh Rashidi (born in Tehran, 1980) is an Iranian-Irish filmmaker. He has been making films since 2000, at which…

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Part three of Rouzbeh Rashidi’s ‘Rearrangment Trilogy’. These three wonderfully warm features that celebrate friendship and creativity, and display a gentleness and lightness of touch.

Shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Prime Lenses

Post Production on Final Cut Pro.

Produced By Experimental Film Society © 2014 Ireland.

Film stills: