Maximilian Le Cain: Non-Existent Films (2009-2021) (2009-2021)

by Maximilian Le Cain


170 Minutes

Cast & Crew


Director profile

Maximilian Le Cain

“One of the loudest and most exciting new voices in experimental cinema of our time ” – Nikola Gocić, Film Panic…

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Maximilian Le Cain: Non-Existent Films (2009-2021)

Ephemera, Sketches & Some Lies

1_Moon Tiger Movie Version M (2021)

An alternative version of the multipart serial Moon Tiger Movie. A collage drawn from shorts made between 1997 and 2019.

2_JR: Dream This in Remembrance of Me (2011)

A tribute to the great Jean Rollin made to mark his passing into the phantom realm.

3_Electric Dust (2018)

An evisceration of Le Cain’s magnum opus, Scorpion’s Stone.

4_Close Watch TV (2020)

Noise, lies, television.

5_10 Pieces of Video for Internet (10 films) (2009)

Ten murky meditations.

Free Bonus Material

Online noodling (2009 – 2012)


2_Approach 2

3_somewhere it is snowing…

4_Neither Here Nor…


6_Oh, my, the ambling…

7_The Most Beautiful Video on the Internet

Film stills: