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24 Sep 2016

Cinema Cyanide: ONC

ONC, the tenth release by Cinema Cyanide, is now online HERE Born in June 2015 Open Night Cinema is…

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15 Sep 2016

TRAILERS (2016) / Upcoming Screenings

Number of screenings for Rouzbeh Rashidi’s upcoming feature film TRAILERS (2016) have now been confirmed for the month of November…

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31 Aug 2016

I’m Not A Doctor But I’ll Take a Look

 I’m Not A Doctor But I’ll Take a Look, the ninth release by Cinema Cyanide, is now online HERE The…

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17 Aug 2016

EFS @ BYOB Stockton-on-Tees

A special screening of Experimental Film Society work will be featured in a B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Beamer) event…

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25 Jul 2016

EFS Presents The Underground Film Studio @ Filmbase

Experimental Film Society (EFS), in partnership with Filmbase, Dublin, will present a double bill by The Underground Film Studio (Clara…

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21 Jul 2016

Experimental Film Society @ Glass Eye Cine Club

A programme of Experimental Film Society will play @ Glass Eye Cine Club on Friday 9th September 2016 – 7pm…

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17 Jul 2016

Artist Talk: Atoosa Pour Hosseini @ TBG+S

Atoosa Pour Hosseini will present and discuss her recent work, as well as broader projects and recent exhibitions at…

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29 Jun 2016

Personal Recordings

Personal Recordings (2016), a new Cinema Cyanide album is out! This one is entirely produced, arranged and designed by…

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10 Jun 2016

New Events

New series of EFS events for different countries will be announced soon! Watch this space! For details of the…

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10 Jun 2016

Experimental Film Society New Website

I am delighted to announce the relaunch of the Experimental Film Society website. Boasting a brand new design by…

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